2003 marked the year that Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California, Walt Disney Pictures released “Finding Nemo”, Apple launched a new brand called iTunes, Volkswagen produced their last Old-Style Beetle in Mexico, our national football team beat Russia in a historical Euro Qualifiers match, KF Tirana was still the winner of the Albanian Superliga, and Vatra’s current Digital Head left Albania for better training in Italy. 2003 marked also the year that one of the oldest and biggest advertising and design agencies in Albania was created.
We are Vatra, advertising, communications, and brand design agency based in Tirana with local offices both in Pristina and Skopje. Every 8th of November we celebrate our founding anniversary and this year we want to impress you with our work.
Along with its founder Gerton Bejo, we started in a small office in Tirana providing design solutions for an important pool of loyal clients. Over the years, Vatra has expanded its size, services, locations, and headquarters. After 16 years we proudly count three offices in the Balkan region. Our 37 strong team of passionate, bright and dedicated individuals, produce an array of creatively led design, marketing, advertising, and digital solutions services with a strong focus on bespoke branding for our clients. During the last 16 years, Vatra has contributed to the creation of some of the most important Albanian brands and has worked with the most prominent Albanian and international companies. Its clients include KFC, Gulf International, Miele, Milwaukee Power Tools, Cineplexx, Credins Bank, Albanian Post, Balfin Group, The European University of Tirana, DigitAlb, etc.

Vatra CEO, Gerton Bejo stated: “We’re incredibly proud to have hit such a big milestone. Sixteen years is a long time for anyone to be in business especially in the Albanian advertising market. On my first thoughts of Vatra sixteen years ago, I had absolutely no idea of the twists and turns, and what the market had reserved for the future. When we started we were creating designs and brands only for print and now we specialize in creating brands and communications mostly for the screen. It has been an incredible journey – not always an easy one, but definitely very impressive and fulfilling. We’re fortunate to have grown over the past 16 years and are very grateful to our clients, partners and employees who believe in us, trust in our vision and enable our success.”

To celebrate the 16th milestone, Vatra Agency will be undertaking a program of special creative collaborations with different businesses and organisations in order to create something compelling for our clients, future ones, our partners and the various audiences.
As we celebrate 16 years of dedication and hard work that have resulted in a meeting, and often exceeding, our goals Brunilda Hoxha, Creative Director at Vatra added: “We didn’t want our creative works to go unnoticed. For this reason, we’ve decided to “take this flight” and run an entire series of special collaborative projects over the next months to establish best practices for the sake of design and advertising in the domestic brand market.”

Gerton closed, “I’m proud of how Vatra has grown over all these years, and how our straightforward, get-it-done attitude has brought measurable results to our clients. Our team is looking forward to many more successful years in Tirana, in the Balkans and why not, pretty soon, in Europe as well.”

Gerton Bejo

Founder & CEO of Vatra Agency
Tirana / Pristina / Skopje
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