Çukaj Foundation is an Albanian philanthropic and charitable organisation founded by the Çukaj family on December, 2016. The main mission of the foundation is to donate and fundraise for diverse programs such as education, healthcare, equipment and infrastructure for children living in poverty in Albania. We believe that a non-profit organisation deserves a strong brand identity conveying their story and mission in a visually captivating way. It has to represent the foundation’s image and impress their funders, donors, stakeholders and all potential supporters.

We created a very simple, powerful and easily recognisable brand identity, to help Çukaj Foundation create the right impact on the interested audience. The icon of the logo is a dove and a hand created by the negative space from the dove’s wing. It symbolises love and peace given to those in need. We chose a purple colour and two typography styles to visually express and bring attention to the foundation’s philosophy. The founders also required a modern, simple and easy-to-use website. The Çukaj Foundation Website needed to give life to the humanitarian stories that the brand undertook. So, we created an easy interface with big pictures to give the first impression the foundation aims to achieve.

Vatra Agency has also written the strap-line: “Dhuroji atyre lumturi – Give them happiness” to emphasize the Foundation’s first activity.