albaelettrica 30 years logo vatra
albaelettrica 30 years logo vatra

Supplying the Albanian market with various electrical devices for years means that you have traveled a long road. And as it is said: It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.

Albaelettrica‘s journey stands out for its attention to every detail and its commitment to fulfilling every customer’s request. It aligns with ours, and perhaps, these qualities have kept us together for 15 years. These aren’t just a few years! They attest to a long and enduring relationship, speaking of trust, brand recognition, experience, expertise, and an embrace of innovations.

We knew exactly what we had to propose when we were given the assignment of designing the Albaelettrica 30th anniversary logo. We focused on the message we needed to get over to the audience while being true to the brand’s emblem and applying colors. Today, it can be said that Albaelettrica’s logo reflects its elasticity and its ability to adapt to market changes, as well as the continuous evolution of technology.

We made an effort to guarantee that this logo proudly appears on a variety of promotional products as well as on items that form a part of the company’s image and identity, like letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and letters. Additionally, we ensured that the 30-anniversary logo was used in social media posts about various products or sales initiatives.

We wanted this extraordinary moment for Albaelettrica to be shared most effectively with its team, collaborators, and clients. And that’s precisely what we did. We gave it the importance it deserved.