We are a journey, not just a destination – Vatra just stopped at INNVEST SUMMIT

“I sail in the sunset trip, I’m a bit of a king…” This is how one of the latest songs of the American band Red Hot Chili Peppers begins, and although it has a different theme, it makes you think about the present as an inevitable part of the future. There is always a chance to undertake journeys, to rediscover yourself and to see things differently.

The present seems to be the right moment to advance steadily towards the latest innovations in digital technologies.

Our team is fully aware of both sides of the coin, this is why we joined the Innvest Summit 2022 on a rejuvenating journey. We speak of what best characterizes us in this decade of change: the intuition and ambition to help our clients exceed their goals, staying true to a language that appeals to all the senses and offers an exciting experience.

It can’t be otherwise when you see local companies with curated content, effective communication, and successful digital strategies, especially when these companies have an important role in economic development and potential to improve income distribution and create new jobs.

The Innvest Summit brought together businesses, innovators, researchers, startups and financing experts in Tirana for the fifth year in a row.  All came together with warm and inspiring stories, promising ideas, and hope about the future. On October 13-14, this gathering conveyed positive energy as a response to the continuous strengthening of technology.

In the lobby of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet we welcomed ambitious young people, with brands, designs, advertising and much more, in a meeting where technology, talent, and innovation merge into one.

This has been our story for 19 years. We embrace innovation investing every day in content and form.

This article is being read by you on some digital device as well. Is it not?


* Vatra Agency is a leading design, brand communication and digital agency passionately connecting brands to 55 million Balkan consumers.

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