A dynamic brand identity for Noval Laboratory, the lab that increases people’s life quality

Established a year ago, Noval laboratory operates in the field of industrial, environmental and agro-industrial analyses. It is a modern laboratory offering high standard services. Vatra Agency created Noval laboratory logo, which came out of some long research in order to use the ideal symbol for a laboratory and medical research facility.

Noval Laboratory services includes analysis of drinking water, wastewater agricultural and industrial analysis, control of working environments, analysis of food for human and zootechnical use, control of hygienic conditions. The main objective of the Noval Laboratory is to meet customer’s needs in line with the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, competence and economy. The present paper deals with the fundamental principles and quality standards that the company undertakes to offer.

The main concept behind the logo is a distinct symbol design featuring a stylized petri dish with white agar and a culture composed of intersecting lines in different colors, to directly give the idea of a laboratory. We also chose precise lines to elevate the irregular detail and texture of the material of a petri dish, that is lines of different length, width and color to express the diversity of what this Company provides.   

Testimonial: “Vatra Agency has been a great choice to work with. We appreciate the agency for providing creative and well-planned, well-placed and well-executed marketing services. We are impressed with the work quality and optimal solutions Vatra provides”. – Anila Maho – Administrator.